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Winnipeg Bin Rental

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"Bin There Dump That!" It's all in our name! We place a Bin, you Dump your rubbish, we haul it away!

Bin There Dump That is a "residential friendly" mini disposal system that takes away almost anything municipal trash handlers will not. Our unique system allows prompt response to customer's requests. Our bin or dumpster sizes vary from 4 to 20 yards and are placed on your property using a unique roll-off system. The whole trash or junk removal system is designed so the trucks, bins, dumpsters fit perfectly in the average residential driveway. The footprint of the largest bin is similar to that of a minivan.

Our bins, dumpsters and vehicles are unique to 'Bin There Dump That'. They have been designed with the simplicity and versatility in mind. We are able to get the bins into and out of places that companies with larger trucks can't even consider.

Trash in North America is a $40 billion industry. Each year 10% of North Americans move and almost half will perform some type of home improvement. Further, with the aging baby boomer generation, downsizing has become its own business. There are growing restrictions on curbside trash pickup and generally most of us want to avoid the inconvenience of making a trip to the landfill site. Everyone has trash and it is a continuous product that is not likely to disappear.

Here's how we do it - You simply call to order a bin from our courteous Winnipeg 'Bin There Dump That' operator. We will discuss your needs, determine the size of bin you require and then schedule a convenient time to deliver the bin. You don't even need to be home! Before we drop the bin we will be sure to place our unique driveway protection boards down on the driveway. The bin never even touches the ground! You or your contractor fill the bin and you call us when it's full. We come and pick the bin up, being sure to sweep up before we leave your home.

Our goal as a dumpster rental company here in Winnipeg is to provide you with outstanding dumpster rental services along with excellent customer service! We want you to pay us the ultimate compliment by calling 'Bin There Dump That' again and again and recommending us to all your family, friends and anyone you come in contact with. So whether you're doing construction, a clean up, spring cleaning around the home or office or maybe a home renovation project, give 'Bin There Dump That' Winnipeg a call to get a dumpster rental quote and see how our 'Residential Friendly Dumpster' service can assist you.

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